Newcomers & Membership

Newcomers & Membership



Newcomers to CCC are encouraged to attend and participate in our Sunday worship service to get a sense of who we are as a church. You are also welcome at any of our other church or service events that we may have going on. If you have any questions about who we are, what are our values, and the direction of the church, please email Pastor Cameron Barham at to set up a time to get together to discuss your questions.

The Membership Process

We would encourage you to attend our church regularly for a couple of months before pursuing membership. This will help you have a feel for who we really are and what we are really about as a church. If you are transferring from another church, we will need to speak to the pastor or other leadership before beginning the membership process. We want to be sure that you have left your previous church well before becoming a part of our body.

Our membership process is flexible and relational. It consists of 3 sessions in which we will cover your story, our story, our doctrines and convictions, and our and your membership commitments. You will meet one (or two if you are married and both joining) on one with an elder to cover the material and get your questions answered. We just need to get you the manual and coordinate the meeting time and place. Email Robby Baxter at to get started!