*Our next in-person services will be held on 5/16 at 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. at the Ben Robertson Community Center*Masks are required, capacity is 75. 

Sign-ups for 5/16 will come out on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Congregational Letters

Letter on Progressive Return Green
Letter for Progressive Return to One Service 
Dear Family at Christ Community,

Please CLICK HERE and read the attached letter closely for our plan to progressively return to one service in the near future. We will see many of you for one more service at RTS this Sunday, 4/25, before returning to the Ben Robertson Community Center on Sunday, 5/2!

Grace and Peace,
Cameron Barham

Letter on Biblical Lamentation
A Letter on Wise Biblical Lamentation

Dear family at CCC, 

Please take the time to read and reflect on the attached letter on wise Biblical lamentation. This is an area in which we need to grow as a church, so join us in seeking to do so Biblically.

CLICK HERE to read the full letter.

Grace and Peace,
Cameron Barham

Letter on Political Engagement Black Letters
A Letter on Wise Political Thought and Engagement

Dear Family at CCC,

Please take the time to prayerfully read and consider the attached letter on wise political thought and engagement. It will honestly take 30 minutes or so to engage the material to do it justice. Our sermon on 2/28 will be on the Isaiah 8 passage and will engage this governing principle in more practical detail. In the coming weeks, we will have additional letters and opportunities to help flesh out the practical implications as part of an ongoing conversation. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out, and let's have a humble conversation.

CLICK HERE to read the letter.

Grace and Peace,
Cameron Barham

Congregational Letter of Encouragment WU

January 6th Letter: 
CLICK HERE for info regarding our meeting space and the upcoming ministry year.

January 8th Letter:
for encouragement from Pastor Cameron regarding the recent events in our nation's capital.