*Due to the closure of our meeting space, the earliest we COULD gather for worship is June 21st, so STAY TUNED for info about when we will gather again! We will continue posting recorded worship services to our website each week.

Advent Devotional 2015

We've prepared an Advent devotional for you and your family. Its purpose is to help us all grow in our understanding of and trust in God’s faithfulness to His redemptive promises to His people as revealed in the first coming of Christ. This devotional is designed for daily reflection and response so as to saturate our minds and hearts with the beauty of the Christ King, who has come to establish His wonderfully diverse Kingdom for the glory of our faithful covenant God. May we all grow in our desire to participate in the growth of this Kingdom through the proclamation of and display in deed of Jesus, the incarnation of the God who saves us and dwells with us!

Click image below to download.

Advent 2015 Final 1