*Our next in-person services will be held on 10/24 at 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. at the Ben Robertson Community CenterMasks are encouraged. The capacity is 100. 

Sign-ups for 10/24 will come out on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Baptism Letter: Feb. 14th

Baptism Announcement 2021 WU

Dear Baptized Ones,

     On Sunday, we will celebrate the baptism of Elladia Kathleen Rooks! While all of us will not be able to participate in person, we can all share in praying for her and for others to reap the eternal benefits signified in her baptism. We can all also work diligently to keep Jesus’ Gospel central in Elladia’s life as her faithful church family. This will require our patient service to the Rooks family as we await the redemptive work of Christ to bear the fruit of eternal life in Elladia when she confesses Jesus as her Savior by faith alone through God’s grace alone. The fruit of her baptism cannot be forced or hastily gained by our efforts. We best serve her and her family by wisely displaying through the various roles that we play in their lives our examples of righteousness, justice, and equity as we are being transformed further into the image of Christ. This is why it is important for us to remember and improve upon the truths displayed in baptism.
            Pray for the Holy Spirit to be at work in Elladia’s baptism both for her eternal good and our present encouragement as baptized ones. Ask the Spirit to show you where you are being invited into God’s redemptive work in the coming generations that includes Elladia. Remember that a key part of the primary work of the Church is to be missional to the coming generations that the Lord has entrusted to us through our covenant families. May this work excite you to use your gifts in various ways for the glory of God and the adoption of future sons and daughters! 

In Christ,