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Baptism Letter: May 12th

Baptism Announcment 16-9

Dear Baptized Ones,

     On Sunday, we have the opportunity to improve upon our own baptisms as we take part in the baptism of Griffin Clay Oldham as part of our worship in Ephesians 1:3-10. What a joy this will be for our congregation many of whom prayed for God to bless Clay and Barbie with a child! As Griffin’s parents, they desire to bless the Lord who answered these prayers by committing to raise him knowing Him as his Good Father and Giver and Redeemer of Life in Christ. We join them as their church family in committing to love and encourage them all in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though Griffin was not born holy and blameless nor will the waters of baptism make him holy and blameless, we pray that he will one day come to know of God’s love for him and forgiveness of his sinfulness through the death and resurrection of Christ. As Sinclair B. Ferguson writes in Let’s Study Ephesians:

We are certainly not chosen because we are holy; but we are chosen in order to become holy! This is the logic of love—love that has chosen to love us, sacrificed and waited for us, been patient with us—this passionate love of God, once received, does not, indeed cannot, leave us unchanged.

We pray that Griffin will one day walk in resurrected newness of life transformed by God’s love as signified in his baptism.

     Remember that your faith in Christ is a testimony of God’s faithfulness to bring your adoption as His child to fruition through redemption in Christ by His grace as signified in your baptism! Praise our Abba Father for the riches of His grace which He has lavished upon us in Christ! Seek to walk in a manner worthy of Christ’s redemptive work in your life as signified and sealed by your baptism!

In Christ,