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Baptism Letter: Oct. 23rd

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Dear Baptized Ones,

     This Sunday we will witness the baptism of Emilee Story by profession of faith as she joins our family here at Christ Community. She is a student at Kennesaw State University and part of RUF. Wes Calton, TE, will have the privilege of baptizing her as evidence of the fruit of his faithful service in her life through RUF at KSU.

     We have the opportunity to reflect again on our own baptisms asking how we can grow in the powerful truths signified in this sacrament. In preparing for the sermon on Daniel 9, I was struck by this quote from Iain Duguid in Daniel: Reformed Expository Commentary:

“...(God’s) work is a long-term project, not a transformation that will be accomplished by the wave of a magic wand. Our sanctification will literally take a lifetime—our lifetime—to be complete. We are all works of renovation in progress, and will be so until the day we die. It is important that we remember this truth, so that we will be patient with God’s work in ourselves and in those around us. This reality is not to be viewed as license for us to give in to sin or be slack in pursuing holiness. On the contrary, the assurance that God will surely complete the good work he has begun in us should stir us to the diligent pursuit of present obedience to his Word.”

I am—and you are—a long-term project, works of renovation in progress that will take a lifetime to come to fruition. Our journey toward maturity in Christ requires all of the time, life experiences, AND forgiven mistakes necessary for our transformations into His image. With each baptism we witness, we should give thanks for the specific time, life experiences, AND forgiven mistakes that occurred between these witnessed means of grace that have helped to mature us further. Most of all, we should praise God for continuing to be patient with us as He continues to offer opportunities to display His glory. We should also celebrate the community of saints whom He has surrounded us with that patiently participate in our sanctification (and in whose sanctification we patiently participate). Take time this week to share with those who have served as the Redeemer’s instruments of sanctification in your life. Meditate on how you are walking further in resurrected newness of life since the last baptism. Repent of the ways in which you are failing to improve upon the truths of your baptism in Christ knowing that God will surely complete the good work He has begun in you!

In Christ,