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Communion Letter: Mar. 14th

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Dear Family at Christ Community,

As we come to the Lord’s Table this Sunday, we also get to reflect on the first Lord’s Supper celebrated by Jesus and His disciples in Luke 22:1-30. Although He is the Great King, Jesus reminds the disciples that He lives among His people “as the one who serves” (Luke 22:27). He lays aside His own comfort and, for the joy set before Him, humbly does all that is required to bring God’s people home for the feast awaiting us in glory (Luke 22:29-30). 

     Jesus’ humble service shines brightly against the backdrop of the disciples’ selfish ambition. Not only do they continue to see Jesus’ crown and not His cross, but they also fight about which of them will receive the greatest crown in the Kingdom (Luke 22:24). In the midst of Jesus’ humble service to them, they focus on exalting themselves! We must not cast stones, for we all find similar ambitions for greatness in our own hearts. The truly marvelous thing about this passage is that Jesus does not give up on His disciples! Consider Dale Ralph Davis’ reflection on Luke 22:15 in his commentary, Luke 14-24: On the Road to Jerusalem:

Doesn’t this verse indicate how Jesus really liked His disciples and cherished His companionship with them? True, none can deny they were frequently dense, muddle-headed, naïve, and foolish, but Jesus didn’t merely put up with them, He genuinely prized them. We should not forget this—there may be an ‘overspill’ from this text about how Jesus may regard His current-day disciples, bungling as we may be.

What a beautiful reminder that, although our selfish ambitions often waste our time and wound ourselves and others, Jesus loves and likes us! 

     Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart to come to the Table this Sunday. Ask Him to give you eyes to behold the King in new light. Ask Him to expose your selfish ambition and desires for greatness so that the Table might equip you to serve others as the King has served us. Thank King Jesus for reminding us that He loves and likes us. Praise the Father for sending His Son to bring us home to the Kingdom feast awaiting us in glory!

Yours in joyful service under the King,