*MASKS ARE REQUIRED per Kennesaw Community Center. Visitors are invited to worship with us at 10:30 a.m. at the Ben Robertson Community Center. 

Communion Letter: Aug. 18th

Communion Letter Pic

Dear Family at Christ Community,

     As we gather for worship on Sunday, we thankfully get the opportunity to taste again and see that the Lord remains good to His people. Paul continues his imperative challenges to us in Ephesians 5:15-21 as he calls us to walk wisely and carefully seeking to understand the will of the Lord and to be filled with the Spirit to encourage others in joy and thanksgiving for God’s goodness. Thankfully, we aren’t called to do this in our own strength but out of the endless blessed well of the grace and peace supplied in Christ. The elements of the Lord’s Table remind us of this endless supply in Christ and nourish us in our calling for the glory of God for the life of the world in the power of the Holy Spirit. How profound Christ’s love for His people to gift us so powerfully! Allan Chapple in True Devotion: In Search of Authentic Spirituality quotes Thomas Godwin in describing the knowledge of Christ’s love for us: 

God’s free grace and Christ’s love…(is like) a mighty sea, so deep, as it wants a bottom; so as though the thoughts of men and angels shall be diving into it to all eternity, they shall not come to ground. Of the length and breadth also, that it know no shore, that though they shall be sailing over it with that small compass of their capacities forever, yet they shall never come to land… 

     Take time to meditate on the deep, deep love of Jesus for us all. Consider who you should share this with this week either by inviting them into the unfolding redemptive story or by pursuing reconciliation from an offense given or an offense taken. Seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit as to how you can live out this reality in your various spheres of influence. Express your gratitude to God for all that He has done and is doing in and through your life!

In Christ,