*MASKS ARE REQUIRED per Kennesaw Community Center. Visitors are invited to worship with us at 10:30 a.m. at the Ben Robertson Community Center. 

Communion Letter: Feb. 21st

Dear Family at Christ Community,

This Sunday we will offer communion in all 3 services as we hear from God’s Word concerning Wise Justice in Proverbs. The Lord’s Table will help remind us of our previous profound spiritual poverty and need for a Savior as provided by Jesus alone. The elements will testify to God’s lavish grace in sending Jesus to die for us despite not deserving such an abundant gift. The Holy Spirit will generously nourish our faiths as we receive the bread and cup as evidence of our ongoing dependence on for the means of grace. In all of this, we should praise God for His care of both our bodies and souls!

To help us prepare to receive these promised goods from God’s hands, consider the chorus from Sandra McCracken’s version of “Come to the Feast”:

   Come to the feast, Come to the table
   The great and the least, the rich and the poor
   Come to the feast, Come to the table
   Come and hunger no more

Note the divine invitation to all who bear His image regardless of material status and thoroughness of God’s provision. We serve as ambassadors of this glorious reconciliation! Jesus calls us to declare and display this love to all of God’s image bearers in each and every state of poverty whether material and/or spiritual. Just as God cares for the body and the soul so must we. 

Pray for the Holy Spirit to remind you of the poverty from which you have been delivered in union with Christ. Ask the Spirit to nourish your faith in God’s lavish love so as to love those in need in your spheres of influence. Pursue opportunities to display God’s wise justice as a reflection of His love for the poor for the life of the world. Come humbly to the Lord’s Table filled with gratitude for the Lord’s abundant grace in Christ’s death and resurrection!

In Christ,