Communion Letter: Jan. 8th

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Dear Family at Christ Community,

    This Sunday we will have another opportunity to partake of the Lord’s Supper—the sign and seal of our union and communion with Jesus. We will also hear from Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3 about the office of and qualifications for deacons. In these things we have the opportunity to see and reflect upon the wisdom and mercy of God.

    We see the wisdom of God in providing the bread and cup as a sign and seal of our redemption through Jesus. By His work of redemption, Jesus prevailed over every evil and the false wisdom of the world. He subdued rebellious sinners like us and He captivated our wayward hearts. Through His Table He seals that redemption upon our hearts and teaches us that we have nowhere to go but to Him alone for peace with God. We also see His wisdom in providing an orderly way for the church to participate in meeting material needs through its ministry to each other and the world. We find at every turn that God has overlooked nothing. He has met and continues to meet our needs, from the greatest to the smallest.

    We also see the mercy of God in the broken bread and poured out cup. By His sacrifice, Jesus satisfied the righteous requirements of God’s law that once stood against us. He paid in full the penalty our sins deserved and through His Table He teaches us that God is for us and not against us. We also see the mercy of God in providing deacons for His church, giving us an opportunity to participate in mercy to each other and the world, and removing obstacles to the undistracted preaching of the Gospel.

    As we prepare to partake of the Table, let us reflect upon God’s wisdom. Our wise Father, who knows our weaknesses and limitations, has provided everything we need to nourish and sustain our faith in Him. Let us also reflect upon His mercy to us. Jesus has redeemed us from our sin and continues to ensure that His church will be faithful to proclaim His grace in word and deed. Let us be wary of taking these things for granted. Instead, let us see in them how good and faithful God always is to us.

In Christ,