*Our next in-person services will be held on 10/24 at 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. at the Ben Robertson Community CenterMasks are encouraged. The capacity is 100. 

Sign-ups for 10/24 will come out on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Confession of Sin: December 8th

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Gracious and Merciful Father,                                                          

We come before you to confess our sin as Your redeemed and beloved children. May Your Spirit alone convict us of our sin and remind us of our pardon in Christ through repentance.  We pause now to silently confess our individual sins before confessing together as a congregation from the text in Revelation.

We confess that we are slow to hear your voice calling us to look to heavens glories over the earth’s disappointments. (Revelation 4:1-6)

We confess that we are unworthy to stand before your Holy throne. (Revelation 4:7-8)

We confess that we attempt to pile up crowns of our own instead of casting them before your throne. (Revelation 4:9-11)

We confess these things before You because You are faithful to forgive us in Christ. Bless us with the assurance of our pardon by Your Holy Spirit in Christ alone by faith alone through Your grace alone from Your Word.