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November 15th Communion Letter

communion 2

Dear Family at Christ Community,

As we conclude our sermon series on the book of Job, we have the opportunity to partake of the Lord’s Table. I can think of no more fitting way to conclude our time of wrestling with such weighty material. It has been deeply edifying and challenging for me as I hope that it has been for you.

In preparing for the concluding sermon on Job 42, I was challenged by this quote from John E. Hartley in his commentary The Book of Job:

“(Job) humbles himself before God because communion with God is more important to him than release from his affliction. It has not been wrong for him to complain, even against God himself. Nor has it been wrong for him to swear an oath of innocence. But the zealous pursuit of a right eventually erects a barrier between God and the offended person. Therefore, when God makes himself known, the supplicant must surrender everything to God, including just grievances, if he is to avoid sinning and to find God’s favor again. Thus Job renounces all personal claims that could be construed to put himself above God. In humility he glorifies God.”

God has made Himself most gloriously known in the person and work of Jesus Christ which is applied to His sons and daughters by faith alone through grace alone removing all barriers between Him and His children. We come to the table free in Christ of all that separates us from God! This is a humbling and liberating truth indeed!

In preparation for the table, consider the following questions: Is there anything more important to you than your reconciled relationship to God? If there is something more important, ask the Holy Spirit to show you why and how to set this idol aside. Is there anything that is serving as a barrier for you being able to approach and enjoy God? Are you harboring any grievances against Him? Again, ask the Spirit to reveal the barrier or grievance to you and guide you in laying it aside. Remember, Christ has eternally removed any legitimate barrier between you and God granting you free access to the throne of grace. Allow the truth of the broken bread and overflowing cup humble you as they represent forgiveness of sins and newness of life in Christ. Seek not only to be reconciled and uninhibited with the Lord but also with anyone else in your life. In humility, glorify the Lord your God!

In Christ,