*Our next in-person services will be held on 5/16 at 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. at the Ben Robertson Community Center*Masks are required, capacity is 75. 

Sign-ups for 5/16 will come out on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Weekly Confession: March 25th

weekly confession


Gracious and Merciful Father,

We come before you to confess our sin as Your redeemed and beloved children. May Your Spirit alone convict us of our sin and remind us of our pardon in Christ through repentance.

We confess that we often fail to appreciate the depths of Jesus’ suffering on the cross and the heights of our atonement purchased by His crucifixion (Matthew 27:32-54).

We confess that we frequently forget the many faithful people along the way who have ensured in Your sovereignty that we would hear the Gospel (Matthew 27:55-61).

We confess that we regularly distrust the truth of the resurrection and all its associated power (Matthew 27:62-66).

We confess all of these things before You because You are faithful to forgive us in Christ.

Bless us with the assurance of our pardon by Your Holy Spirit in Christ alone by faith alone through Your grace alone from Your Word.