The Giving Tree 2018

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    As the holiday season quickly approaches, there are lots of shiny, tasty and exciting things for us to look forward to: the lights and decorations, the music, the food, and the anticipation of Christmas morning! Feelings arise within us around Christmas that we have a hard time re-producing any other time of the year, but we must be careful to remember the real reason our souls are stirred during this magnificent time.

    One of my favorite songs that we sing at Christmas is called "O, Come Divine Messiah."
The chorus and bridge of the song says this:

Dear Savior come to tired earth and bring the grace of dawn
Dispel the night with Thy face Come, Messiah, Come
There is hope today that God Himself might shine upon our souls and say
Unto you a Savior comes and everything will change, everything will change
There is hope today that God Himself will take our wounded world and say
Unto you a Savior comes and everything will change, everything will change

That God, the creator of the universe, would send his son to forever fix our broken world is what's most magnificent about Christmas! It's Christ that gives us the hope that though life is difficult, there will come a day when EVERYTHING will be as it should be...perfect!

    So, as we eagerly anticipate the coming of Christmas, we at Christ Community have a unique opportunity to continue sharing the story of Jesus with the women at The Extension by providing Christmas Gifts for them and their children. These gifts are a tangible expression of our love for them and a reminder that they are not only special to us, but to God too! The holiday season and all the excitement it brings will come and go, as it does every year, but Jesus is unchanging. He's steadfast. He's what they most need. 

CLICK HERE if you'd like to sign up, choosing from a variety of gifts on the list. Once you've purchased the gift(s) please bring them (unwrapped) and drop them off at church.

*There will be announcements during the services from November 11th through Nov. 25th giving more specific details about how you can help. Thanks!