David Arasmith

I grew up in a believing household, the youngest of three.  I played the game until my senior year in high school when, through a collection of circumstances, God brought me to life.  He changed my desires - that is how I knew it was real.  A change in behaviors took longer but happened (is still happening) nonetheless.  Four years later I started dating my wife-to-be, which I regard as a direct gift from God.  He knew that I needed a steadfast, devoted mate.  She has been a big part of my spiritual growth.

We started attending Perimeter Intown the Sunday after our honeymoon - meeting in the old Ramada Inn downtown.  It was our first time ever in a PCA church.  Again, it was clearly God's doing.  We were surrounded by people who took their faith seriously and who were not above owning their struggles and faults.  We stayed at Intown while I went to grad school and then moved out to Marietta, ultimately landing at East Cobb Pres where we spent 25 years. I served as an elder on the session during a pastoral transition. Through a collection of circumstances, we visited our daughter at Christ Community for a Sunday 7 years ago, intending to start a church search the next week.  God had other plans and here we are.

Randolph Benn

At the young age of 9, Randolph’s mother led him to Christ in prayer when he asked her how he could be saved. Fast forward to 2008, after many defining experiences, Randolph attended Univ. of West GA where he was an active member in campus ministries, was a youth pastor and met his lovely wife Ashley. Currently, Randolph serves as chaplain for the boys basketball team at Marietta High School, his alma mater, and enjoys reading, weightlifting, long walks in nature and being the father of 3 extraordinary children.

Phillip Lucas

Phillip has attended Christ Community Church since 2001, becoming a member in 2002. He has served in the music ministry, set-up team, children's ministry, community group leader and covenant group leader. He was ordained as one of the first elders of CCC in 2005. He and his wife Lisa have two boys, Jackson and Owen. Jackson, Lisa and Phillip also participated in a short term mission trip to Mexico. Phillip works in the Risk Management industry and he and his family live in West Cobb.

Marc Start

I have been a member of CCC for 3 years. I have been married to Paula for nearly 20 years, and we are raising three children: Kara, Alisha, and Julia. I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord in high school, thanks to the guiding of the Holy Spirit and the support of the church community. I have found my relationships at CCC to be a significant encouragement to my faith and walk with Christ, and I seek to support the growth of CCC in these ways to other members. I enjoy the work and fellowship of the church, and I currently serve at CCC as a musician, Sunday morning facility set-up, and usher. I have previously served on the 2013 mission trip to Cherokee, North Carolina, and the Pastor Search Committee. I served in the Christian Reformed Church as an elder and deacon, and in the PCUSA as a deacon. My work profession is transportation engineering, in which I serve the Lord and his clients by improving intersection safety, traffic flow, and driver/pedestrian behavior.

Jonathan Stuckert

Jonathan, his wife Jennifer, and their two boys Will and Jack are happy to call Christ Community their church home. He is involved with Adult Education and Covenant Groups. A graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), he has over a decade of experience in the administration of theological seminaries and has taught in the area of Biblical Studies at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Paul Wagoner

Paul started attending Christ Community Church in 2009 and became a member that same year. He currently servers as an elder and Covenant Group leader. He also works with the youth during their weekly youth group time. Paul is married to Lynn and has two children, Zach and Kristen. Paul works for Hewlett Packard as an engineer in the IT organization.


Pai Chung

Pai-Liang Chung (pronounced pay) has been married to Kim for just over 25 years. They have two daughters, Ruth and Faith. Ruth is 23 years old and has graduated and is working full-time, and Faith is 21 years old and is a Senior in college at this time. Pai was born and raised in Europe, in the Netherlands, but came to Philadelphia PA for college and came to Christ in college. Kim was born in Taiwan but emigrated to Pittsburgh PA, and they met while in college. After they were married, they were members of Chinese Gospel Church in Chinatown Philadelphia for all those 25 years. It was a real challenge but also a blessing to raise their girls in Philadelphia and to serve in their small church. Then much to their surprise, the Lord had them move to Marietta in the summer of 2020. The Chungs found Christ Community online in the midst of covid and found a welcoming community that we much appreciated, and helped us get settled in a strange land. They became members in December 2020 and both currently serve in the children's ministry, with the toddlers and the 3-4 group. They also attend a small group and respective men's and women's groups. Pai claims to be notoriously bad at remembering faces and names, and asks that you please introduce yourself to him freely, and often!

Matthew Howe

Matt grew up in both the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC and the suburbs of Miami, Florida, as the oldest of four. During childhood, his family attended a Lutheran church. He went on to college at Wittenberg University in Ohio where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Geology. While working in Richmond, VA, he first became involved with a PCA church through a Bible study he attended. In 2006, Matt moved to the Atlanta area to begin a new job. Shortly after moving, he and Mary Katherine met at Intown Community Church where they were both members. They were married in 2007. While at Intown, Matt was involved in the youth ministry, teaching ninth through twelfth graders. In 2008, Matt passed his professional geologist licensing exam and became a registered professional geologist in Georgia. In 2014, God led them to move to Marietta, and Christ Community Church quickly became a new home of worship for them. They joined in early 2015. Matt currently serves on the setup and usher teams. They have two children, Ethan (6) and Thomas (3).

John Huff 

John is an Atlanta area native, and has attended Christ Community Church with his family since 2006. John and his wife, Amy, have 3 children, Maggie, Bentley and Ellie. John teaches math, and coaches at North Cobb High School. He also is a covenant group leader. 

Jack Lane

Jack Lane has been a member at CCC since 2005. He works as a Systems Engineer designing communication systems for Carousel Industries. Jack serves CCC on the setup team and Sunday morning leader for the Kingdom Builder's 4th-5th grade boys. He also enjoys mercy work and organizing work trips in support of those in need. Jack is married to Bonnie and they have two sons, Daniel and Christopher.

Chad Whetzell

Chad grew up on a farm in northeast Alabama as the oldest of 7 children. He came to faith in Christ at the age of 7. In college God greatly utilized the campus ministry, Campus Outreach, to deepen his faith. Soon after graduating from Berry College with a degree in chemistry, Chad went to East Asia to serve as a missionary for 10 years during which time he met his wife, Laurel. Chad and Laurel have 4 children and live in Dallas, GA. Currently, Chad is the COO of an international student recruiting agency as well as an office manager for a real estate investment company. Chad and Laurel have been members of Christ Community Church since 2015. At CCC, Chad has been involved with the setup team, 3rd-5th grade boys’ Sunday school, and ushering. Chad enjoys using God-given gifts to serve others.

Dan Widner

Dan and his family started regularly attending Christ Community Church in 2016 and joined in 2017. He and his wife Karen have been married since 2000 and have three children.  Dan works for IBM.  At Christ Community, he serves on the ushering team and the video team.  He also assists with the youth group.  

Larry Wells (Emeritus)

Larry has attended Christ Community Church since 2005 and became a member in 2006. He has served on the audio team and the ushering team since 2006, and has been active in covenant groups since 2005. He enjoys helping others and has been active in mercy ministries as needed. He was nominated, trained and ordained as a Deacon in 2011. Larry is retired and is married to Ruth. They have two children, Dennis and Leanne (Wilson), and eight grandchildren.