God's Confession, Our Hope

September 21, 2014 Preacher: Series: Echoes of the Exodus: the journey of the church (so far)

Scripture: Exodus 34:5–34:10


Exodus 34:5-10


Key Truth: God is merciful, patient, steadfast in love, faithful, and forgiving in both word and deed. 


Is God good? How does the answer to this question affect how you live?


Text: God's Confession: 

Exodus 34:5-7

Do you recognize that just as God tells the ocean how far it can go, He also tells sin how far it can go?


Exodus 34:8-10

Do you know this God who is merciful, gracious, patient, steadfast in love, faithful, and forgiving? Do these attributes brind you to sumbit in humble repentance and worship? Do you long for others to know this God?



John 3:16-21

To those who confess need of forgiveness and restoration, God is merciful and gracious

To those who struggle to get it right but want to, God is slow to anger

To those who fail to be faithful and have been failed but want to be part of a family, God abounds in steadfast love and faithfulness for generations

To those who are unrepentant, God will not clear the guilty


What is your confession? Do you recognize your need for mercy and grace and inability to be truly steadfast, faithful, and forgiving apart from redemption in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit?



Psalm 103:6-14



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