The Righteous Root of Jesse

December 7, 2014 Speaker: Cameron Barham Series: Christmas in ISAIAH

Scripture: Isaiah 11:1–11:12

Key Truth: Out of the ashes of judgment will rise the perfect and righteous Davidic King, Jesus Christ, to usher in reconciliation for God’s people to dwell together with Him in a renewed Creation for eternity.



“In New Testament terms, (Isaiah) 9:6-7 was fulfilled in (Jesus’) incarnation, and 11:1-9 will be fulfilled in his second advent.” Barry G. Webb, The Message of Isaiah

Q: What is your dream and vision for this world? Is there any earthly power that can bring it to pass that can also maintain it?


Isaiah 11:1-5: The Righteous Root of Jesse: Davidic Hope in the Midst of God’s Judgment:

“Isaiah pictured the felling of the cedar of Israel’s pride. Was all hope, then, gone? No, because the stump of the tree remained in the ground, and a shoot would spring up to become a standard, an ensign to which the nations would be gathered (Is. 10:33-34; 11:1,10). Two answers were given to the questions of despair that even the prophets shared. First, the destruction would not be total: God would spare a remnant. Second, the destruction would not be final: God would bring renewal.” Edmund P. Clowney, The Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament

Q: How has God felled your pride? What did He provide in its place?


Isaiah 11:6-9: Better Than Eden: Visions of the Last Advent:

“…this mention of a child fits one of the recurring themes of the recurring themes of (Isaiah) chs. 7-12: a child, not a strutting monarch, is the one whom God chooses to rule this world’s great. In innocence, simplicity, and faith lay the salvation of a globe grown old in sophistication, cynicism, and violence.” John N. Oswalt, The Book of Isaiah: Chapters 1-39

Q: What hope do you have for the future of this world? How does it affect how you engage the various historical events, cultural trends, and those who think differently than you?


Isaiah 11:10-12: The Glorious Resting Place

“(God) bestows an honorable appellation (or name) on the assembly of the godly, because he chooses to have a continual habitation among them. Accordingly, the Church having been at that time exposed to reproaches and disgrace, he promises that it will be again raised to a more prosperous condition, and will recover its ancient glory. Here, therefore, we have a remarkable proof that God is pleased to dwell continually in his Church, though this may not always be seen by men.” John Calvin, Commentary on Isaiah

Q: What is the purpose of the first and last Advent?



“In vain is the moral fitness of things insisted on; yea, in vain are the demands of the law and the terrors of hell displayed, for the conversion of men: nothing but the knowledge of Christ crucified can ever operate on the soul of a man, so as to produce in it a radical and universal change. But, where Christ is known aright, there the whole man will assume a new character: and in proportion as his glory is seen by us, we shall be assimilated to his image. Let not the Gospel then be despised as fanatical, or be defamed as licentious; but let it be revered and embraced with our whole hearts.” Charles Simeon, Horae Homileticae: Proverbs to Isaiah XXVI

The sure hope of the Last Advent at the return of Christ allow us to:

-be free of the frustrating dependence on leaders and powers that are futile and divide us

-be free to be creative in how we think and fruitfully engage the problems in this world

-look forward with great expectation to dwelling with God in a renewed reality



Revelation 5:1-10

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