The Resurrection of Christ

April 5, 2015 Speaker: Cameron Barham Series: The Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Luke

Scripture: Luke 24:1–24:27

Key Truth: Jesus Christ in his exaltation in his resurrection assures us of our justification and victory over sin and death in newness of eternal life.



Q: What tangible hope do you have for the future?

“Q. 28. Wherein consisteth Christ’s exaltation? A. Christ’s exaltation consisteth in his rising again from the dead on the third day, in ascending up into heaven, in sitting at the right hand of God the Father, and in coming to judge the world at the last day.”

Shorter Catechism


Seeking the Living Among the Dead:

Luke 24:1-12

“For how could (Jesus) by dying have freed us from death if he had himself succumbed to death? How could he have acquired victory for us if he had failed in the struggle? Therefore, we divide the substance of our salvation between Christ’s death and resurrection as follows: through his death, sin was wiped out and death extinguished; through his resurrection, righteousness was restored and life raised up, so that- thanks to his resurrection- his death manifested its power and efficacy in us.”

John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion II, xvi,13

Q: Are you seeking Christ among the living or among the dead?


Lamenting the Death of the Redeemer:

Luke 24:13-24

“Cleopas presumed God’s faithfulness was best seen in His ability to shield people from difficulty. This was a profound error common to most believers of his day and ever since. Glory preceded by suffering was God’s pattern throughout all of Scripture. One way the world would recognize the true Messiah would be by the way he would fit this pattern, not defy it.”

Russ Ramsey, Behold the King of Glory

Q: What is your view of suffering and glory? Is it Biblical?


Revealing the Glory of the Resurrection:

Luke 24:25-27

“...when God raised his Son from the dead, he was proclaiming to the whole world...he has done everything. He has fulfilled every demand. Here he is risen- therefore I am satisfied with him...It is only in light of the Resurrection that I finally have an assurance of my sins forgiven. It is only in light of the Resurrection that I ultimately know that I stand in the presence of God absolved from guilt and shame and every condemnation.”

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Assurance of Our Salvation

Q: How does the resurrection of Christ affect your life? Are you walking in newness of resurrected life?



“The most diabolical of all the schemes of Satan was not only countered at every point by a superior plan of God’s devising. It was actually woven into that plan, and made to serve its ends. And if that was what God could do with the master plot of hell, then, there can be no evil which he cannot in the end turn to blessing.”

Michael Wilcock, The Message of Luke


Jesus Christ in his exaltation in his resurrection:

- declares victory over sin and death

- transforms suffering into a means of glorification

- assures us of our justification and ability to walk in newness of life even now



Psalm 16:5-11


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