The Triune God and the Mission of Redemption

February 28, 2016 Speaker: Matthew O'Sullivan Series: The Abrahamic Covenant: The Mission of God Declared

Scripture: Acts 10:34–10:48

Feb 28th Title


Key Truth: The Triune God faithfully fulfills the Abrahamic Covenant and He graciously equips and involves His redeemed people in the work of His mission.


I. Acts 10:34-35: The Impartiality of the Father—The Hope for the Nations


Is God’s impartiality the same thing as tolerance?


II. Acts 10:36-43: The Messiahship of Jesus—The Hope for New Creation


Why does Jesus’ Messiahship matter for us—even today?


III. Acts 10:44-48: The Power of the Holy Spirit—The Hope for Missions


The mission is hard, but the Spirit is at work. Do we trust Him?

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