The Resurrection of Jesus: Part 1

March 27, 2016 Preacher: Series: The Passion of the Christ in the Gospel of John

Scripture: John 20:19–31

Key Truth: The resurrection of Jesus grants us peace in His presence, equips us with the Holy Spirit for the mission of God, and overcomes our disbelief so that we may have life in His name.




Q: How do you expect Jesus to treat you after you have given in to fear or sin?

“(Jesus’) “Shalom!” on Easter evening is the complement of “it is finished” on the cross, for the peace of reconciliation and life from God is now imparted...”

George R. Beasley-Murray, John: Word Biblical Commentary


Peace Be With You:

John 20:19-20

“The Risen Lord’s initial gift to his assembled disciples is his peace, which means his love, his forgiveness, his favor, and his blessing. Thus the first words of the Risen Jesus and of his mission to the gathered disciples, significantly, are not a command, but a gift. There is no preliminary reminder of the disciples’ failure to support him in his crisis; no call for repentance or even for faith; there is sheer grace.”

Frederick Dale Bruner, The Gospel of John: A Commentary

Q: What are some ways in which you are experiencing peace as a result of Christ’s work?


As the Father Has Sent Me, So I am Sending You:

John 19:21-23

“In this short encounter, Jesus transforms the group of frightened and confused individuals into a community of love where the disciples become covenanted together. They are called to become like Jesus and to continue together the mission given him by the Father: to reveal the merciful face of God, the compassionate and forgiving God, and to give life, eternal life, to all who accept him. God took the initiative to liberate us when we were trapped behind the barriers of fear and sin.”

Jean Vanier, Drawn Into the Mystery of Jesus Through the Gospel of John

Q: How is Jesus transforming and equipping you to live out the mission of God?


Do Not Disbelieve, But Believe:

John 20:24-31

“We should note carefully the amazing kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ to a weak disciple, and the trouble He was pleased to take….The unbelief of Thomas was most provoking and inexcusable, and if he had been cast out of the company of disciples we could not have said his excommunication was undeserved. But our Lord cares tenderly for this weak member of His mystical body, band specially appears in order to heal and restore him. What a wonderful example He gives to all His people! How kind we ought to be to weak brethren, and how ready to take any pains and trouble if we can only do them good!...What Christ did for Thomas, we ought to be ready to do for others.”

J.C. Ryles, Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of John

Q: How do you react to those who struggle with disbelief?


John 20:19-31 teaches us that Jesus in His resurrection:

- grants us peace in His presence

- equips us in the Holy Spirit for the mission of God

- overcomes our disbelief so that we may have life in His name


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