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God Reigns

October 9, 2016 Preacher: Series: Daniel: The Faithfulness of God in Uncertain Times

Scripture: Daniel 7:1–28

Key Truth: Though the nations rage and the kings plot against God, blessed are all who take refuge in Jesus, the Son of Man, sent by God, the Ancient of Days, who sovereignly reigns.


Q: What is the primary purpose of biblical prophecy?

“Apocalyptic literature thus proclaims a theology of hope to those whom the world has marginalized: it reminds us that God is presently on the throne and that he will ultimately triumph. In the meantime, whatever the present cost may be in terms of suffering, obedience to God is the only way. Though the propagandists for the present world order proclaim that our resistance is futile, the apocalyptic writer refuses to be assimilated to this world’s way of thinking. He has seen heaven opened and he knows how the story ends.”

Iain M. Duguid, Daniel: Reformed Expository Commentary

Daniel’s Vision, God’s Faithful Reminder:

Daniel 7:1-8

“Grant, Almighty God, since thou hast formerly admonished thy servants, that thy children, while they are pilgrims in this world, must be familiar with horrible and cruel beasts, if the same thing should happen to us, that we may be prepared for all contests. May we endure and overcome all temptations, and may we never doubt thy desire to defend us by thy protection and power, according to thy promise.”

John Calvin, Prayer for Daniel 6:6-8, A Commentary on Daniel

Q: What is the most important thing for us to know from the vision of the four beasts?

The Ancient of Days and the Everlasting Kingdom:

Daniel 7:9-18

“Rather than depicting restoration after exile as simply a return of Jewish people to their ancient homeland, the realm of this kingdom now encompasses all peoples of all nationalities in an eternal kingdom with universal dimensions.”

O. Palmer Robertson, The Christ of the Prophets

Q: How does the hope of receiving the eternal kingdom in Christ affect how you view the kingdoms of this earth?

The End of the Matter:

Daniel 7:19-28

“Seeing the secret behind history may not keep God’s people from pain but should keep them from panic; we may still be fearful but should not be frantic.”

Dale Ralph Davis, The Message of Daniel

Q: How does your understanding of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness prepare you for suffering and persecution that may come?

Daniel 7:1-28 teaches us that:

- though evil kings and kingdoms will rise, they do not operate under their own power

-the Son of Man comes to redeem God’s people from every tongue, tribe, and nation and put an end to the evil kings and kingdoms

-the people of God will suffer before God delivers us to reign with Him in His kingdom


“The people of God must learn that the kingdom of God is a kingdom of suffering. The forces of hell will not prevail against it, but they will do all in their limited power to overwhelm the saints. Suffering of one kind or another is integral to being a Christian (Rom. 8:16-17).”

Sinclair B. Ferguson, Daniel: The Communicator’s Commentary

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