God is Victorious

November 13, 2016 Preacher: Series: Daniel: The Faithfulness of God in Uncertain Times

Scripture: Daniel 12:1–13

Key Truth: The promise of the resurrection grants God’s people the strength and courage to remain faithful and obedient amid difficult historical circumstances.

Q: How is your view of history affecting your understanding of the meaning of the events of your life?

“Our view of history is foundational to the way we live. If history is an assortment of random circumstances, coming from nowhere and going nowhere, then faithful suffering has no possible meaning. It is a wasted life that could have been better spent on pursuing pleasure instead. But if history is actually following God’s predetermined course to a final end, then our actions are filled with meaning. Any sacrifices that are demanded of us will be made more than worthwhile by our hope of glory on the last day, when the dead shall rise...”

Iain M. Duguid, Daniel: Reformed Expository Commentary


A Time of Trouble Gives Way to the Resurrection of the Wise and the Foolish:

Daniel 12:1-4:

“(God) has made known to us the blessings of his amazing design of past events and revealed his wondrous provision of future glory so that we can go our way with confidence, courage, and joy. He will rescue his people from distress with resurrection, through judgment, and for glory. His faithfulness through the distress will refine the wise, define the wicked, and deploy the faithful.”

Bryan Chapell, The Gospel According to Daniel: A Christ-Centered Approach

Q: Are you living as one who is wise according the Scriptures?


God’s Vow to Limit the Shattering of the Power of the Holy People:

Daniel 12:5-7

“…the marvel of it all is that this shattered people has a God who ‘shortens the days’ (cf. Mark 13:20), a cross-centered God who knows the pains of his people (Exod. 3:7; Isa. 63:9) and sets a limit to their distress. Lest we be tempted to doubt, Daniel’s visitor gives us a two-handed oath, so that misery infected with certainty.”

Dale Ralph Davis, The Message of Daniel: His Kingdom Cannot Fail

Q: What historical possibility do you fear the most? What would most comfort you in the midst of such an event?


Daniel’s Call to Remain Faithful According to the Promised Resurrection:

Daniel 12:8-13:

“In light of the preview (Daniel) has been given of God’s future purposes, his primary task is to live now for God’s glory. This is the constant application of all biblical eschatology.”

Sinclair B. Ferguson, The Communicator’s Commentary: Daniel

Q: What most encourages you to be obedient and faithful to God?


Daniel 12:1-13 teaches us that:

-God’s people will be delivered to eternal life in the resurrection

-God’s vows to limit the duration of the shattering of the power of His people

-We are to remain faithful and obedient between the historical now and the not yet

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