God's Enduring Grace

February 12, 2017 Preacher: Series: Grace in Unexpected Places

Scripture: Numbers 21:4–9

Key Truth: God’s grace endures despite our ongoing sin as often evidenced in our impatience, entitlement, and questioning of His redemptive plan.



Q: What causes you to grow impatient and to question your circumstances?


God’s Impatient and Entitled People:

Numbers 21:4-6

“It was not the Lord that brought them into the wilderness to die, as they alleged (v. 5). Their death was not due to his power failing to give them that which he had promised. On the contrary, death in the wilderness was a result of their own sin and that of their forefather, Adam.”

Iain M. Duguid, Numbers: God’s Presence in the Wilderness

Q: Do you ever get impatient with God’s leading and provision? Do you feel you are entitled to better than what He has provided?


God’s Repentant People and His Means of Grace:

Numbers 21:7

“In the extremity that now upon them, what could the people do?... The course pursued was the only right and reasonable one. They apply themselves to (God), who alone was able to deliver. They humble themselves before God, and entreat Moses to intercede for them. If the Lord had not mercy on them, they must all perish. The very first step in conciliating the forfeited favor of heaven is the penitent confession of our offences, for “he that confesseth and forsaketh sin shall find mercy.””

George Bush, Commentary on the Book of Numbers

Q: Have you ever experienced God’s painful reminder of Your need for His grace? What role did His means of grace play in restoring you?


God’s Enduring Grace:

Numbers 21:8-9

“In this passage we see a simple call to look and live, in other words a call to look in faith and trust so that the Lord can show himself to be worthy of that trust and bring life. The prophet (Isaiah) issues a similar invitation: Turn to me and be saved, All the ends of the earth! (Isa. 45:22).”

Walter Riggans, Numbers: OT Daily Study Bible Series

Q: Which occupies your thoughts and energy more: the things of Christ or the things of the earth? Does what occupies your thoughts and energy bring you comfort or anxiety?


Numbers 21:4-9 teaches us that:

-God’s ways are not our ways and are often frustrating to us

-God’s discipline is intended to drive us back to Him through His means of grace

-God’s grace endures with His people in the midst of our ongoing struggles with sin

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