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The Defining Marks of the Forgiven: Worship of God & Love of Others

January 7, 2018 Preacher: Series: The Defining Marks of the Forgiven

Scripture: Luke 7:36–50

Key Truth: Jesus Christ forgives sinners through grace alone by faith alone so they can be set free to worship God and love others in redeemed freedom.  


Q: What are you most known for? How does this affect your worship and your love of others?

The Defining Marks of the Lost: Sin and Judgment:

Luke 7:36-39: 

“Simon could not see that woman as she then was, for looking at her as she had been.”
G. Campbell Morgan, The Gospel According to Luke


Q: Are you weary of being known for your mistakes? Are you uncomfortable with how gracious God is in Christ with some people?

The Defining Marks of the Forgiven: Worship of God and Love of Others:

Luke 7:40-50: 

“Our Lord, both in the parable, and in his address to the woman, shewed that no sinner, however vile, should be spurned from his feet: he even declared to her accusers, and revealed to her own soul, that he had pardoned her sins. Henceforth then let no man despair of obtaining mercy at his hands. Only let us acknowledge to him our inability to pay our own debt, and he will say to us, as to the woman, “Depart in peace, thy sins are forgiven thee.”

Charles Simeon, Horae Homileticae: Mark-Luke, Vol. 12


Q: How much have you truly been forgiven of? What are some ways this affects your worship of God and love for others?



Luke 7:36-50 teaches us that in Christ:
-we will neither be known for our sin or our judgment
-we should be known for our worship of God and love for others



Jude 20-25




**Credit for the artwork on this series goes to The Bible Project. The picture used for this series is from a video in their Word Study series titled, "Agape - Love." You can view that video here: