Jesus Tried and Mocked as Savior and King

March 18, 2018 Speaker: Cameron Barham Series: The Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 27:1–27:31

Key Truth: Jesus is God’s chosen Savior and King of His people despite the world’s refusal to acknowledge Him as both.  

If you were a king or queen who set people free and improved their lives, how would you expect to be treated by those people?



Judas Seeks Atonement in All the Wrong Places:

Matthew 27:1-10

“…Matthew seems to contrast Peter’s broken heart…with Judas’ despairing one….The difference between a broken heart and a despairing one may be that the broken heart longs for divine forgiveness while a despairing one may think only of what it can — or more often cannot — do. Both hearts hit bottom, but one realizes its powerlessness and bawls; the other tries every desperate remedy available to human beings.”
Frederick Dale Bruner, Matthew: A Commentary, Vol. 2: The Churchbook: Matthew 13-28


When you mess up or fail, where do you turn to first in seeking reconciliation? What does this reveal about where your faith and hope are found?



Pilate Seeks Approval from All the Wrong People:

Matthew 27:11-26

“False gods and false desires always enslave. Pilate turned to politics for meaning, for salvation. He turned to his power to save his power. Yet he found that the more he clung to power, the less he could use it. he became a prisoner in his own palace, forced to order the death of Jesus because political power said so. His desires did not match his needs; they enslaved them and made him a coward. The same holds for us. So let us examine ourselves.”

Daniel M. Doriani, Matthew, Vol. 2: Chapters 14-28


What impact does what other people think have on how you live your life? What impact does what God has established as true have on how you live your life?



The Soldiers Serve as Instruments of the Wrong King:

Matthew 27:27-31: 

“We could not stand before God because of our sins, nor lift up our face in his presence, if Christ had not been thus made sin for us. He was arraigned that we might be discharged….he stood undaunted, unmoved by all their rage. He thus stood in this judgment, that we might stand in God’s judgment.”

Matthew Henry, Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. 5 — Matthew to John


What do your words and deeds reveal about who or what rules over your life? Do your words and deeds honor Christ as Savior and King?



Matthew 27:1-31 teaches us that we can:
-seek atonement and reconciliation in anyone or anything other than in Christ as Savior
-seek approval from other fickle people instead of founded on God’s established truths
-serve a temporary king by mocking the kingship of Christ with our words and deeds




1 Corinthians 15:50-57

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