Ways to Serve

Ways to Serve


There are numerous ways to plug in and serve at Christ Community! Look over our ministry areas and contact a leader if you desire to get involved!


Infants & Toddlers

- Serve our families by volunteering to keep infants and toddlers during worship once a month

- Must pass a background check in order to serve

Emilie Schelling | 630.815.6503 |  emschelling@gmail.com


Children’s Ministry

- Serve on the check-in team prior to worship

- Volunteer to teach 3rd - 5th grade boys and girls Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings

- Volunteer to teach 3's and 4's, Kindergarten, or 1st - 2nd grade classes during worship on Sunday mornings

- Must be a member and pass a background check in order to serve

Bonnie Lane | 770.359.8745 | bonnie@christcommunitycobb.org


Student Ministry Team (middle & high school)

- Volunteering on Sunday nights, for particular events, or driving for youth events

- Must be a member and pass a background check in order to serve

Matt O'Sullivan | 302.598.6666 | matt@christcommunitycobb.org


Women's Ministry

- Assist in the planning and/or implementation of various women's ministry opportunities throughout the year.

- Outreach events, Women's Retreats, Ladies Night Out, Food Tidings, etc.

Bonnie Lane | bonnie@christcommunitycobb.org


Greeting Ministry:

- Arrive at the Community Center by 10:00am on Sunday morning

- Greet people as they arrive and assist visitors as needed

Robby Baxter | 404.227.3293 | robby@christcommunitycobb.org


Usher Team:

- Arrive at the Community Center by 10:15am on Sunday morning

- Make people feel welcomed and hand out worship bulletins

- Assist newcomers and visitors in finding seats

- Perform a count of all people at the service using a count card

- Collect the tithes and offerings

- Assist in stacking the chairs after the service

Chad Whetzell | 470.557.2089 | chad.whetzell@icloud.com

Set Up / Facilities Ministry Team

- Arrive at the Community Center by (no later than) 7:45am on Sunday morning

- Unload bins from trailer to appropriate rooms

- Clean up facilities and set-up sanctuary and rooms for service (tables, chairs, etc.)

- Clean up after church and help reload trailer

- Be prepared to serve for 1 hour 45 minutes -1 hour before service, and 30-45 minutes afterward.

Jack Lane | 770.853.8403 | jtlanejr@yahoo.com


Audio/Video Ministry Team

Josh Cuthbertson | 678.672.7985 | josh@christcommunitycobb.org


Worship Ministry (vocalists & musicians)

Josh Cuthbertson | 678.672.7985 | josh@christcommunitycobb.org


The Women's Extension

- Help to serve a meal, fellowship, and pray with the women on scheduled Sunday nights

- Participate in other scheduled events and activities

Josh Cuthbertson | 678.672.7985 | josh@christcommunitycobb.org