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The Convincing & Converting Power of the Holy Spirit

February 24, 2019 Speaker: Robby Baxter Series: The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John

Scripture: John 16:1–16:15

Key Truth: Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to His people so that through us the World may see Him.


What does a successful life look like?  
How does your view of a successful life differ from your view when you were not a Christian?



The Spirit Confirms the Gospel To and Through Us

John 16:1-11

“When on that Easter morning long ago God Almighty raised Jesus from the dead, selecting Him from the dead, selecting Him from among others, choosing Him and making Him the approach to Himself, what was He doing?  He was saying in the sight of all the race, ‘This is the Man, the anointed Man. This is the Man I accept.’ …The resurrection of Jesus was the evidence in human history of the type, the pattern, which God accepts. The resurrection of Jesus was the proclamation to men everywhere that it is only as men are like Him that they can hope to rise as He rose, and ascend as He ascended…the fact of the cross and resurrection of Jesus is God’s verdict against sin.”

Campbell Morgan, “The Spirit’s Testimony to the World,” in The Westminster Pulpit, Vol. I



The Spirit Gives Christ to Us

John 16:12-15

“Whatever we need to know for our present peace and sanctification, the Holy [Spirit] is ready to teach us.  …into all spiritual truth that is really profitable, and that our minds can comprehend and bear, the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to guide us.  Then let us never forget, in reading the Bible, to pray for the teaching of the Holy [Spirit]. We must not wonder if we find the Bible a dark and difficult book, if we do not regularly seek light from Him by whom it was first inspired.  In this, as in many other things, ‘we have not because we ask not.’”

J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: John



John 16:1-15 teaches us that:

-Jesus has sent us the Holy Spirit,

-Who confirms the Gospel in our hearts and lives,

-So that the world will see Christ in us.




Romans 15:13