The Anointed Servant Song: The Good News of the Resurrection for the Life of the World

April 21, 2019 Preacher: Series: The Passion of Christ in Isaiah 52, 53, and 61

Scripture: Isaiah 61:1–11

Key Truth:  Jesus brings the good news of the transforming power of the resurrection and has invited us into the redemptive work of the kingdom for the life of the world.



What good news have you heard recently?
What made it good?
How long did its affects



The Anointed Servant Brings the Good News of the Resurrection:

Isaiah 61:1-4

In this chapter we are introduced once again to the means whereby God’s people will be enabled to live righteous lives, which will in turn draw the nations to God. That means is the Anointed One, the Messiah…”

John N. Oswalt, Isaiah: NIVAC

What are some ways in which you are living out the power of the resurrection between the now and the not yet?

What are some specific ways in which you are serving God’s
kingdom as an architect and ambassador of reconciliation?



The Lord Our God’s Redeeming Grace and Justice:

Isaiah 61:5-9

“Grace rests on atonement as its foundation. It is free, but not cheap. That is why Isaiah can move so naturally from grace in verse 7 to justice in verse 8; there is ultimately no conflict between them.”

Barry G. Webb, The Message of Isaiah: On Eagles’ Wings


What are some ways in which you have experienced both the grace and justice of God?


The Joyous Resurrection Celebration for the Life of the World:

Isaiah 61:10-11

“God’s faithful word will secure the growth of righteousness and praise in his people, which will be publicly displayed, as at a bridal feast, before all nations.”

Geoffrey W. Grogan, “Isaiah” in The Expositor’s Bible Commentary


How does your hopeful longing in the resurrection affect your worship between the now and the not yet?

What would your family, friend, co-workers, and neighbors learn about
the good news from your worship?



Isaiah 61:1-11 teaches us that:
-Jesus is the Anointed Servant who brings the good news of the resurrection and invites us to be architects and ambassadors of reconciliation
-God is gracious and just in keeping His redemptive promises to His people
-we should celebrate and worship in the power of the resurrection for the life of the world






Isaiah 65:17-25