The Declaration of God’s Restoration of the Land

October 13, 2019 Preacher: Chris Blackman Series: The Prophecy of Joel: The Call to Repent & Hope

Scripture: Joel 2:18–27

Key Truth: God’s merciful restoration of the land serves to give us hope that his covenant promise to dwell in the midst of his people remains for the repentant in Christ.



Have you ever seen something so broken or beyond repair it seemed pointless to try and save?


The jealousy of the Lord for his glory cannot abide his people’s shameful condition forever, he will act to save and restore hope.  

Joel 2:18-20

How does God’s jealousy for his people give you hope in the midst of judgment and discipline?


The Lord calls the land to turn from lament and sorrow, and to embrace joy and gladness as He pours out restoration in all areas previously judged. 

Joel 2:21-25

“Being human often means bearing loss never to be regained, and yet the Lord, the bringer of calamity, is also the Lord of mercy and abundant grace who is fully able to recompense.” ESV study Bible pg 1651.

What have you lost or seen marred so badly that you doubt God’s ability to restore?


The Lord’s provision and restoration reminds us that only in his presence do we have the hope of an eternal salvation from sin and shame.  

Joel 2:26-27

“The great purpose of the nations trauma is for them to know God’s presence, that he is the covenant-keeping God, and that he will remove their shame. I am the Lord your God is a recognition of God’s covenantal bond with Israel. The perpetual removal of shame unites God’s provision with his presence and peerless nature.” ESV study Bible pg 1651 



Joel 2:18-27 teaches us that:

- God’s merciful restoration of the land points to our hope in the greater restoration in Christ both now in the midst of our sinful world and in the final consummation of the new heavens and the new earth. 



Revelation 21:3-4