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A Truth Worth Singing Before All the Earth: The Lord is Our Savior and King!

February 11, 2018 Preacher: Series: The Missio Dei in the Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 96:1–13

Key Truth: Our worship of the Lord as Savior and King should be shared with those around us so that they too would share in celebrating all things being made new.  


What have you recently celebrated or celebrations have you been a part of? What makes something worthy of celebration?


“The praise of Jehovah as King has, in the preceding psalms, chiefly celebrated His reign over Israel. But this grand coronation anthem takes a wider sweep, and hymns that kingdom as extending to all nations, and as reaching beyond men, for the joy and blessing of a renovated earth.”

Alexander Maclaren,
The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: The Book of Psalms



Sing to the Lord a New Song Celebrating Salvation Before All the Earth:

Psalm 96:1-6

“In these opening verses, the “new song” is our response to salvation. When we receive God’s grace, we shout for joy, and immediately our worship turns to witness.”

Donald M. Williams,
The Preacher’s Commentary, OT, Vol. 14: Psalms 73-150


What are some ways in which your life has changed since becoming a Christian? Which of these changes is worthy of celebration and sharing with others?



Worship with the Nations and Creation the King Who Makes All Things New:

Psalm 96:7-13

“The writer returned to his former thought of all creation being under God’s authority (Psalm 96:4-5). He now summoned all creation to praise God at the prospect of His righteous rule. Psalm 96:13 is one of the clearest and most thrilling revelations that God will rule on the earth, not just from heaven. He will do so in the person of His Son when He returns to earth. The Son came the first time to save the world, and He will come the second time to judge it. Therefore all creation may rejoice. Even the world of plants and animals will benefit from His righteous rule (cf. Isaiah 35:1-2Isaiah 65:25Romans 8:20-22).”

Dr. Thomas Constable, Expository Notes on the Book of Psalms


What are some ways in which you concretely worship the Lord as King? Do you anticipate His return and reign with gladness and joy?


Psalm 96 teaches us that we should:
- sing to the Lord a new song in celebration of our salvation before all the earth
worship with the nations and Creation the Lord as the King who makes all things new




Revelation 7:9-12