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Born Again of the Spirit Alone in Christ Alone by God’s Grace Alone

January 13, 2019 Speaker: Cameron Barham Series: The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John

Scripture: John 3:1–3:21

Key Truth: We are born again of the Holy Spirit in Christ to participate in the kingdom of God by sharing His redemptive love for the world.  



What part did you play in your being born again in Christ?


“Nicodemus and all his tribe of law-doers are left with not the slightest doubt but that what is asked of a man is not more law, but the power of God within him to remake him completely. In its own way this chapter does away with ‘works of the law’ every bit as thoroughly as anything in Paul.”

Leon Morris, The Gospel According to John



Born Again of the Spirit to Eternal Life to Participate in the Kingdom of God:

John 3:1-15

“To possess the privileges of Christ’s kingdom, (one) must be born again of the Holy Ghost. The change which the Lord here declares needful to salvation is evidently no slight or superficial one. It is not merely reformation, or amendment, or moral change, or outward alteration of life. It is a thorough change of heart, will, and character. It is a resurrection. It is a new creation. It is a passing from death to life.”

J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, Vol. 3: John 1:1-John 10:30


How much of you was affected by being born again in Christ?
What are some ways in 
which you are participating in the kingdom of God as a result of being born again of the Holy Spirit in Christ?


For God So Loved the World that He Sent His Only Son (and Spirit) to Redeem:

John 3:16-21

Christ opens up the first cause, and, as it were, the source of our salvation, and he does so, that no doubt may remain; for our minds cannot find calm repose, until we arrive at the unmerited love of God. As the whole matter of our salvation must not be sought anywhere else than in Christ, so we must see whence Christ came to us, and why he was offered to be our Savior. Both points are distinctly stated to us: namely, that faith in Christ brings life to all, and that Christ brought life, because the Heavenly Father loves the human race, and wishes that they should not perish. And this order ought to be carefully observed; for such is the wicked ambition which belongs to our nature, that when the question relates to the origin of our salvation, we quickly form diabolical imaginations about our own merits. Accordingly, we imagine that God is reconciled to us, because he has reckoned us worthy that he should look upon us. But Scripture everywhere extols his pure and unmingled mercy, which sets aside all merits.”

John Calvin, Commentary on John: Volume 1


If God sends His Son (and Spirit) into the world to reveal His redemptive love, then what are we being sent into the world to do as those born again of the Holy Spirit in Christ?



John 3:1-21 teaches us that we are to:
-be born again of the Holy Spirit in Christ to participate in the kingdom of God
-share God’s redemptive love for the world as those filled by the Holy Spirit







Romans 15:13