God’s Call to the Resurrected Life: Awake, Arise, Rest, and Know Who and Whose You Are

March 17, 2019 Preacher: Series: The Passion of Christ in Isaiah 52, 53, and 61

Scripture: Isaiah 52:1–6

Key Truth: God calls us to live the resurrected life by awaking from our stupor, arising to newness of life, resting free from sin, and knowing that He is with us in Christ.  



What does real, everyday life look like?
What does the resurrected life look like?



Awake from Your Stupor, Arise in Newness of Life, and Rest Free from Sin:

Isaiah 52:1-2:

“Notwithstanding the priestly house of Aaron and the royal house of David, the ideal of a royal, priestly people (Ex. 19:4-6) had never been realized, but while Zion slept (1a) a marvel occurred so that on waking she finds new garments laid out (1bc), expressive of a new status of holiness (1d). And this is no delusion, for as she rises, fetters fall and a throne awaits (2).”

Alec Motyer, The Prophecy of Isaiah: An Introduction & Commentary


What are the current barriers to you living the resurrected life?
What are some ways in
which God is calling you to awake from your stupor, arise in newness of life, and rest free from the bondage of sin in Christ?


Know that God is With You:

Isaiah 52:3-6

“When we live as captives to sin, we make it appear to the watching world that God is unable to deliver us. When our lives are not marked by his holiness, we make it appear as if he is just one more of the gods, not the unique Creator and Redeemer of the world, whose moral character is unlike that of any of the so-called gods. For us to “know his name” (52:6) is not merely to know facts about God and his nature. Rather, it is so to participate in his life that his nature and character become ours.”

John N. Oswalt, Isaiah: NIVAC


What are some ways in which you have experienced the presence of God throughout your life?




Isaiah 52:1-6 teaches us that God calls us to live the resurrected life by:
-awake from the stupor of sin and death, arise in newness of life, and rest in freedom from sin in Christ
-know that He is present with us in Christ  


“What 52:1-6 does is challenge Zion to see herself, not as her enemies see her, or even as she sees herself, but as the Lord sees her.”

Barry G. Webb, The Message of Isaiah: On Eagles’ Wings







Isaiah 65:17-18